Ann Coulter at CPAC: speaks out against amnesty while pushing a foreign born for president

Is it me, or are the eligibility requirements for POTUS getting weaker by the day?

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Señor Hannity makes up his own rules on presidential eligibility

It seems the standard for being a Natural Born Citizen are getting weaker and weaker by the moment, and radio talk show hosts are making those decisions.

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Reaching out to Latinos

Is Western Civilization really that committed to cultural and economic suicide?

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Bob Beckel lets loose f-bomb on live TV

The larger question is what is this fat turd doing all over Fox News?

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Posted by admin · April 17, 2012 · Category: WTF? · Comments (2)

Media silence on Arpaio investigation is absolutely deafening!

If left up to this crowd, the fraud perpetrated by Barack Obama will be swept under the rug of history.

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Posted by admin · March 3, 2012 · Category: Media Madness,Obama eligibility · Comments (2)

A real Shocker: media ignoring Obama’s subpoena in Georgia eligibility case

Perhaps I’m the insane one, but to think that a sitting president being implored by a court to prove that he is who he says he is isn’t the lead story for every news outlet in the country is simply mind-blowing.

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Posted by admin · January 24, 2012 · Category: Media Madness · Comments (8)

HPV, Perry’s flat tax, and Karl Rove

With the help of Sean Hannity and friends, Mr. Rove has appointed himself the “king maker” of the Republican Party. In reality, Karl Rove is just a dupe for the establishment elite.

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Posted by admin · October 26, 2011 · Category: Politics · Comments Off

Yet another disgusting attack (hate crime) by crazed young black females

One can only imagine if this were two white females beating on a black female. The term “hate crime” would surely come up. Al Sharpton would probably be on the Sean Hannity show, the Bill O’Reilly show, the Greta Van Susteren show, and all of the other shows on the Fox News Channel. Has anyone else noticed that this racial huckster, Sharpton, is on Fox News more than anyone? Fox has done more to promote and to legitimize this piece of you-know- what more than the leftists over at MSNBC and CNN combined.

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Posted by admin · April 22, 2011 · Category: Race · Comments (5)