MSM finally reporting on the Knockout Game…But…

After completely ignoring the violent phenomenon for about two years, the MSM has finally started reporting on the Knockout Game.
However, there’s just one little problem.

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Obama’s skin color saving him from impeachment

This by no means excuses the cowardice and ineptitude of elected Republicans who cower at the mere thought of being called the R-Word.

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Military trying to drum real men out of the service

Not to worry though, women of all sizes and shapes, homosexuals and transgender is peachy keen.

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John McCain: Sleeping with the enemy

Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass if Muslims are being oppressed by their totalitarian governments!

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Obama should throw political opponents in jail

These next four years will most likely determine whether or not Americans will simply submit and walk slowly into the dark abyss, or whether a clear line will finally be drawn in the sand.

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Stating the Obvious

Again, left-wing politicians using these types of tragedies for political gain are about as predictable as people like me pointing it out. But the cycle continues.

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Everything is now political – including mass murder!

ABC, Stephanopoulos, and Ross really don’t care about looking like fools because their goal isn’t so much to report the news as it is to spread propaganda and help Obama win reelection.

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Posted by admin · July 20, 2012 · Category: Media Madness,Obama Campaign · Comments (1)

Pathetic RINO Mitch McConnell already hedging on Obamacare repeal

As many conservatives and libertarians have come to understand during the course of the last decade or so, the Republican establishment (moderates) is but a tad better than their left-wing Democrat colleagues.

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