So tired of the U.S. Senate “gangs”

I’m so tired of these feckless U.S. Republican Senators. Each and every time when it comes to a big issue they look for ways to “compromise” while the Democrats look for ways to slash and burn.

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Numbers don’t lie – Democrats do!

United States Senate Democrats 60 seats Republicans 40 seats   United States House of Representatives Democrats 256 members  Republicans 178 members   The Senate Majority Liar, Harry Reid and the Liar in Chief of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama are at it once again. They’re out in front of the pathetic news media doing […]

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Reid & Obama close the blinds on federal reserve transparency

HR (House Resolution) 1207 was drafted by Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and has accumulated 250 co-sponsors. This bill, also known as the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, would require the federal government via the Comptroller General of the United States to audit the books of the Federal Reserve, and then report the findings to the Congress. […]

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Constitution? – What’s that?

It’s scary how pompous politicians, arrogant judges, the corrupt media, and a large portion of the voting public often seem to treat the constitution as if it were a roll of Charmin toilet tissue. Don’t these people understand that the Constitution is the only thing that separates us from a Saddam Hussein type of totalitarian […]

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