Tale of two tapes

Both Romney and Obama told the truth on those tapes. But of course, the MSM is having a field day playing and talking about the Romney tape, but is burying the Obama tape.

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Posted by admin · September 19, 2012 · Category: Election 2012,Media Hypocrisy · Comments (2)

Romney walks the walk while Obama talks the talk

Obama loves using the Biblical quote “Am I my brothers keeper?” to fool ignorant people into agreeing that wealth redistribution is a good and noble thing.

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Francois Hollande: just another rich socialist

LeBron James, Alex Rodriquez, 50 cent, and George Clooney are the cool and acceptable rich, while corporate officials, managers, and sometimes even small entrepreneurs/business owners, are the evil rich. Go figure!

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Posted by admin · May 15, 2012 · Category: Liberal Hypocrisy,Socialism,Uncategorized · Comments Off

NYC teacher running amok with OWS crowd

Hoping that this clueless buffoon would get fired, or even severely disciplined for his actions is an exercise in futility. It’s kind of like hoping the Chicago Cubs will become World Series champions before the next millennium.

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Global Governance via Global Warming

The SOP (standard operating procedure – for all the Obama voters) for most left-wing politicians has been to hide and deny their liberalism or statism, especially during an election campaign. For many of these politicians, the ruse doesn’t end when the campaigning does. Many left-wing members of congress rely on the ignorance and apathy of [...]

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