Ghetto family values

Is it really shocking that “teens” are running around sucker punching old women?

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Black Mob attacks in Brooklyn

The Marxist social engineers made sure no neighborhood would escape the misery they created.

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Rand Paul wants the Republican Party to be more diverse

New Hampshire is almost 95% white, so what is the New Hampshire Republican Party supposed to look like?

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Democrats: Terrorist attacks in Benghazi, a spending problem

For the Democrats every problem in the world is due to lack of funding.

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Gov. Jindal has a problem with recent Romney comments

Mitt Romney was 100% correct in his 47% comment, just as he is in regards to his recent comments.

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Welcome to Obama’s America

Welcome to Obama’s America, hope you enjoy your stay.

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The truth is controversial?

It’s an indisputable fact that nearly half of all Americans don’t pay any federal income taxes. And predictably, it’s those very same people that demand more and more of other people’s hard earned money be transferred to them.

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Stampede for Obama money in Detroit

If ignorance and apathy could be used as currency, these people would be sitting pretty. It’s just another example of our public education system and welfare system at work. The Great Society welfare state has already destroyed millions of lives since the sixties, but Obama and the Democrats are pushing for more of the same – times a thousand!

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